~ At the heart of everything I do

is my belief that music can improve

our physical, mental and

spiritual wellbeing ~

Classical Guitar Lessons in Cornwall


person holding a classical guitar


With over 30 years of experience teaching the classical guitar...

I can help you achieve your goals, whether you are a complete beginner wanting to start a new hobby, or an advanced player looking for fresh inspiration.


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retreat location


Enjoy some precious time to yourself, and dip your toes into the magic of Music-for-Wellbeing

Come to beautiful Cornwall for a few days of peace, solitude, and whatever you need... whether it's spending time in nature, a creative project to nurture, or just some time to reflect on your life's journey.


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Pampering Sound Bath


lotus flower


One-to-One Sound Immersion

Relax into my zero-gravity chair and enjoy 45 minutes of therapeutic sound. Gentle melodies played on Celtic Harp will be woven into the sounds of singing bowls, windchimes, rainstick, ocean drum, voice, and silence. Pamper yourself with this nurturing and nourishing experience.


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Group Sound Baths



My Sound Baths weave Harp music with gentle drums, singing bowls, chimes and song.

A small group of listeners lie on mats, wrapped in blankets. The therapeutic sounds are gentle and meditative, allowing safe emotional release and deep relaxation.

My Sound Baths sit perfectly within a yoga, mindfulness or meditation retreat.


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Music for Meditation and Contemplation


wild flowers


Would you love to use music as a meditation tool?

For thousands of years, people have used music as an aid to meditation and contemplation. You can too, in Devoran near Truro where I offer Music for Meditation and Contemplation. You can bring an instrument of your choice, or use voice, with simple percussion instruments and other therapeutic sounds.


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One-to-One Help For Choir Singers


robin singing


Do You Sing With A Choir?

Do you sometimes wish you had someone you could turn to for some extra help?

I can teach you how to read music, explain music theory, help you gain confidence with your own vocal part, and answer all your musical queries.

Come for a one-off lesson when you need it, or sign up for a short course.


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Harp for Wellbeing Lessons


NW with medieval harp


Would you love to play this gentle and therapeutic instrument?

‘Harp for Wellbeing’ lessons combine relaxation and mindfulness techniques with singing, chanting and learning to play a small harp.


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