Sound Baths

My Sound Baths interweave medieval harp music with gentle drums, singing bowls, chimes and song. They sit perfectly within a yoga, mindfulness or meditation retreat. Introducing the element of sound can help to quieten the internal chatter, and bring a new level of depth to meditation practise.

A Sound Meditation session lasts around an hour. Opening with some group chanting and vocal toning, listeners then relax back onto mats, wrapped in blankets, and let the therapeutic sounds wash over them. Most people experience deep relaxation. Some people feel strangely 'transported' to another place or dimension. There may be emotional clarity or release. Afterwards there is likely to be a deep sense of calm. 

As a rough guide, my fee for bringing my instruments to a retreat or workshop within Cornwall would be £150.

One-to-One Sound Baths, sometimes  known as 'Harp Therapy', can be arranged at my home-studio in Devoran. Find out more here.


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