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Relax, Recharge, Rebalance

In a Harp Therapy session, there is nothing to do other than relax into my zero-gravity chair and absorb the therapeutic sounds. Gentle melodies played on Celtic Harp, are woven into lullaby-style song, windchimes, rainstick, ocean drum, and singing bowls.

  • Unlike a group Sound Bath, in a one-to-one session the Sound Meditation is created just for you.
  • When you first arrive we can chat about any specific stresses you may have, and together set an intention for the practise.
  • Then settle yourself into a comfortable position, let gravity support your weight, and let the therapeutic sounds work their magic.
  • Most people experience deep peace.
  • Some folks feel strangely 'transported' to another place or dimension, we sometimes call this the 'Liminal' space.
  • There may be emotional clarity or release.
  • Afterwards there is likely to be a deep sense of calm and wellbeing.
  • Know that you have created some precious time and space for yourself, to help restore your balance.


What are the Benefits of Harp Therapy?

The use of therapeutic sound dates back to prehistoric times when Shamans chanted and drummed to heal people. In the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, Greece and India, the use of sound and music for healing was a highly developed science. Pythagoras used different musical modes to balance the health and wellbeing of those around him, his favoured instruments being harps and lyres.

In recent years, there has been renewed interest in using sound for health and wellbeing. The so-called 'healing' harp has a particularly powerful effect on many people. It can be deeply relaxing, inducing a sense of calm and inner peace. From this state many healing processes can occur, including the release of muscular tension, the release of mental tension, and the learning of new and positive patterns.

  • Sometimes emotions are stirred, experienced and released.
  • Subtle energy blockages that have been causing dis-ease, may be shifted and released.
  • Responding to sound may lead to feeling more connected to all that is around and within.
  • And for some people, just setting aside time to do something lovely for themselves, can be therapeutic.


How Much Does it Cost?

£45 for an hour session.

Gift Vouchers are Available.


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