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For thousands of years, people have used singing as an aid to meditation and contemplation.


Would You Love to Do That?

I offer one-hour sessions of ‘Singing for Meditation and Contemplation’ in the creekside village of Devoran near Truro. You don’t need any previous experience of singing, and you don’t need to read music. 


Singing for Meditation and Contemplation


  •    Mindful breathing exercises and simple warm-up movements will help to settle you on arrival


  •   Learn techniques for Vocal Toning – a powerful meditation practice which also warms up the voice


  •    I will teach you some Taize chants and other simple contemplative songs


  •   Sing in harmony with myself, or accompanied by a small harp or drum



Is the Session One-to-One?

Yes, this can be a one-to-one session.

You can also come with friends (between 2 and 8 people), in which case the cost can either be split between you, or gifted by one person. 

I also offer this as a group workshop, usually as part of a spiritual or mindful retreat.


Is any Religion Involved?

No, I welcome all faiths and none.


How Much Will it Cost?

£45 for one hour, at my home studio in Devoran.

Gift Vouchers Available.

Contact me for pricing of group workshops, retreats etc.


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“Things are such that someone lifting a cup or watching the rain, petting a dog or singing, just singing, could be doing as much for this universe as anyone”