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For thousands of years, people have used music and singing as an aid to meditation and contemplation.


Would You Love to Do That?

I offer one-hour sessions of 'Music for Meditation and Contemplation', in the creekside village of Devoran near Truro. You don't need any previous experience of playing a musical instrument or singing, although if you do play an instrument, you can bring it.


Music for Meditation and Contemplation


  •    Mindful breathing exercises and simple warm-up movements will help to settle you on arrival 


  •    Learn techniques for Vocal Toning - a powerful meditation technique which also warms up the voice


  •    I will teach you some simple contemplative songs


  •    Try out my meditation instruments, including singing bowls, rainstick, ocean drum and chimes.


  •    If you play an instrument, I can help you to create contemplative music for that instrument 


  •     Finally, relax into my zero-gravity chair, and I will create a peaceful Sound Meditation, using Celtic Harp and other contemplative instruments.


Is the Session One-to-One?

Yes, this is a one-to-one session.

You can also share it with one or two friends, in which case the cost is split between you, or one of you can offer it as a gift.

I also offer this as a group workshop, usually as part of a spiritual or mindful retreat.


Is any Religion Involved?

No, I welcome all faiths and none.


How Much Will it Cost?

£45 for one hour, at my home studio in Devoran.

Gift Vouchers Available.

Contact me for pricings for group workshops and retreats.


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"Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life, bringing peace"

(Kahlil Gibran)