'Nicola taught our son from the early grades through to his gaining a high distinction at grade 8.  Her empathetic and engaging approach to teaching ensured that our son made excellent progress and achieved his full potential as a guitarist.’

Mr R


'Having decided to take up the classical guitar… l found Nicola, finally someone who took my idea of learning seriously! 10 years later and with her help l have achieved so much more than I ever thought possible making the guitar and music a very special part of my life.'



'Nicola is a brilliant guitarist and teacher.  I have started learning the guitar in my 50s and have been very lucky to find such a patient and skilful teacher.'



'I have been studying guitar with Nicola for some years now and I truly believe that it is as much due to her as to me that my enthusiasm is as strong today as it was when I started.'

Mr L


'Thank you for the amazing teaching you've done with N-, she has absolutely loved it, you've inspired her and given her a passion that will hopefully stay with her forever'

Mrs M


'I value the lessons Nicola gives as it is clear that she is not just teaching my son to play to pass music exams, but she is passing on her passion for the guitar and her enjoyment of the music…'

Mrs H


‘The guitar has been a great  source of joy throughout the last 30 years, and for that I owe a great debt to your patient and inspiring teaching.’

Tom (ex pupil)


'Guitar lessons with Nicola are a real pleasure… the preparation and thought she puts into every lesson is evident and I come out feeling I’ve improved both my technique and whatever the piece is I’m working on… it’s very satisfying to know you are being taught by one of the best.' 



'Nicola has an extraordinary in-depth knowledge of the guitar across the whole classical repertoire… her lessons always strike the right balance between enjoyment but with real purpose…I feel lucky to have her as a teacher and I couldn’t imagine learning with anyone else.'



'Lessons have been enjoyable and have motivated me to continue to practice and grow as a musician… Nicola also occasionally holds ensemble workshops for her adult students which have been a great opportunity to play with other guitarists.'



'Nicola Williams is an intelligent and thoughtful teacher who has taken me from an absolute beginner to grade 5 and beyond. As a late learner I am lucky to have found her. She has been adaptable to my own learning patterns, but sets the highest musical standards. My lessons greatly enrich my life.'



'Its thanks to Nicola Williams for her patience, guidance and professionalism that I am enjoying playing my guitar.'



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