For hundreds, even thousands of years, people have been drawn to playing and listening to the harp. Soothed by the plucked strings weaving their web of magic and intrigue, the listener is soon transported far away...


nw playing a medieval harp at trelissick


I play small harps, including a modern Celtic Harp, and a lap-held Medieval Harp. I play contemplative music, as a meditation tool, and to cultivate peace and wellbeing.


Live Harp Music

I am available to play contemplative harp music at retreats, ceremonies, small gatherings, and for people who are unwell or near their end-of-life.

I also create 'Sound Baths', which interweave therapeutic harp music with gentle drums, chimes, singing bowls and song.

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Harp for Wellbeing Lessons

Playing a small harp can be relaxing, therapeutic, and quite magical...

If you would love to try this beautiful instrument for yourself,  I offer 'Harp for Wellbeing' lessons in Devoran near Truro. I combine various mindfulness and relaxation techniques with a lesson in playing the harp. A creative and intuitive approach to music-making is encouraged.  You can use any small celtic, folk or lever harp.

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Harp Therapy

For this experience all you need to do is relax into my zero-gravity chair and absorb the therapeutic sounds of the harp..

Many health conditions, both physical and mental, can be improved by allowing ourselves to deeply relax. Set aside some time to be nurtured and nourished by the sounds of the 'healing' harp.

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Music for Meditation and Contemplation

I use the harp as a meditation tool, alongside singing and chanting.

If you would love to explore this yourself,  I offer 'Music for Meditation and Contemplation', either as a one-to-one session or within a group.

You can use your voice, or a small harp, or any instrument of your choice.

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