girl playing classical guitar in cornwall by a blue boat


I specialise in working with gifted children who have already shown a keen interest in music. By coming to my home studio for one-to-one tuition, I can help them to reach their true potential on the classical guitar and inspire them with a skill for life.

Taking Grade Exams

Most older children like to use the grade exam system as a focus for their learning. With other hobbies, interests and schoolwork tugging at their precious time, an exam on the horizon can be a great motivating factor.


Most of my pupils will have reached grade 6 - 8 by the time they finish school, a wonderful achievement! Success at a high grade leaves the student with an enriching skill for life. It is also very well-regarded when applying for University - showing dedication, commitment and sustained effort over a period of years.

I have been entering pupils for grade exams for over 30 years, and have a 100% success rate, with a high percentage of 'distinction' results.

More Music...

Of course, there's a lot more to being a musician than taking exams. They are a useful goal along the way, but I also encourage pupils to learn a wide range of non-exam repertoire, and explore the composers and styles of music they enjoy.

  • Some pupils love to play Spanish flamenco-style pieces
  • Others have a fascination with early lute and vihuela arrangements
  • Many enjoy romantic and expressive repertoire
  • Some are inspired by the contemporary composers of our time
  • Others work hard to build an impressive technique to perform virtuoso showpieces

Best of all is to have a varied diet of all those styles and more.

Supporting Skills

I aim that my students will not only become good guitarists, but mature and well-rounded musicians too. To this end, lessons include many supporting skills, such as ear training, musical theory, musical analysis, duet and ensemble playing, improvising and composing.


I encourage pupils to perform in school concerts, local music festivals, to appreciative grandparents, and wherever an opportunity arises.

Weekly Lesson

Older children have a 45-minute lesson, once a week during term-time




girl playing a classical guitar by a tree in Cornwall


"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without"

(Confucius 551 -479 BC)