Music for Wellbeing in Cornwall - Xmas Gifts


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With Christmas around the corner, we're all on the look-out for Christmas gifts that are a bit special.

Book a unique MUSICAL EXPERIENCE that will make your loved one feel pampered, entertained, creatively inspired, and spiritually nourished...


Harp for Wellbeing : One-hour Musical Experience

Is there someone on your Christmas list who you feel would love to have a go at playing the harp?

  • This one-hour unique Musical Experience will begin with a short private concert of soothing and relaxing harp music.
  • Deep breathing exercises will relax the body and mind.
  • Using a lap-held Medieval Harp, I will teach some very simple scales and finger exercises, and then show how to turn those exercises into freely improvised music.
  • I will teach some very simple songs and chants, which can be sung while playing the harp, or simply played on the harp while I sing.
  • As well as the harp, there will be a selection of other therapeutic instruments to try, including chimes, singing bowls and tongue drum.
  • I will end with a final 'Sound Bath' using the harp and other relaxing sounds.

The experience takes place in Devoran near Truro.

Upon payment I will send you a voucher, which can be unwrapped on Christmas Day, and used within 3 months.

Cost : £35 

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Music for Meditation and Contemplation : One-hour Musical Experience

This gift is for the person on your Christmas list who loves Mindfulness, Meditation and Spirituality, and also enjoys Singing.

  • This experience will begin with a 'Sound Bath' which I will create using relaxing and therapeutic instruments including harp and singing bowls.
  • Deep breathing exercises will relax the body and mind.
  • I will teach some chants and simple spiritual songs, which we can sing together, accompanied by myself using harp, guitar or percussion instruments. Everything will be simple, gentle, contemplative.
  • There will be the opportunity to try out a lap-harp, which many people find therapeutic and magical.
  • Various other instruments can be tried, including singing bowls, tongue drum and chimes.
  • We will end by creating a contemplative Sound Bath together.

The experience takes place in Devoran near Truro. It can be for either one person, or it can be shared with up to 3 people.

Upon payment, I will send you a voucher, which can be unwrapped on Christmas Day, and used within 3 months.

Cost : £35

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Medieval Harp Music in Your Own Home 

In days gone by, every self-respecting King would have his own private musician who he could call upon after dinner to soothe his nerves with beautiful music. Typically his minstrel would play a Lute, Harp, or Lyre.

For a very special Yuletide experience, I will bring my Medieval Harp to your home (within Cornwall) and play 30 minutes of relaxing and contemplative music. 

I play medieval and renaissance music, folk songs from around the world, spiritual chants, and my own arrangements of Christmas Carols.

This could be part of a Christmas gathering, a quirky 30 minutes when your guests stop partying and enjoy a time of communal reflection and musical nourishment. Or perhaps a visit to an elderly relative who is house-bound and deserves a unique and special gift. Or just a self-indulgent treat to yourself and your partner, why not?!

For a 30-minute Medieval Harp recital in your own home, I charge £100.


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30-minute Therapeutic Sound Bath

This would be the perfect experience if you and your friends would like a relaxing, therapeutic and unique time.

Yourself and your guests lie on the floor, with myself and my instruments in the centre. I will create a 30-minute 'Sound Bath' using chimes, singing bowls, drums, medieval harp, and song. The effect can be deeply relaxing, soothing, spiritually nourishing, and therapeutic.

For a 30-minute Sound Bath within Cornwall, I charge £100.


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